Lounge Manicure   $23  |  25 min

Not your average manicure!  A meticulous detailing of nails and cuticles, followed by a hand and arm massage with aromatherapy oils to relax your mind.  Finish with a polish of your choice

Non-toxic Manicure    $26  |  25 min

Our lounge manicure with your choice of 10-free vegan, cruelty free polish, base and top coat

Gel Manicure   $45  |  40 min

All the features of our lounge manicure, topped with Gel Polish.  No charge for gel removal for returning customers

Non-toxic Gel Manicure   $50  |  40 min

A lounge manicure with the added benefits of non-toxic Gel Polish

All Out  Manicure   $40  |  45 min 

No holding back! Nails and cuticles immaculate.  A super-hydrating organic mud and paraffin treatment restores youthfulness to your tired skin.  Follow with a polish application and 5 minute neck and back massage that leaves you relaxed and content


Lounge Pedicure   $34  |  30 min

Revitalize your tired feet with a meticulous detailing of your nails and cuticles and a gentle callus buffing.  Enjoy a light foot massage enhanced by aromatherapy oils and finish with a polish of your choice

Spoiled Pedicure   $54  |  60 min

Treat yourself!  Enjoy the benefits of our Lounge Pedicure with an added focus to smooth and hydrate skin using a special callus serum treatment and heel paraffin.  Then indulge in a restorative 10 minute foot and leg massage and follow with a polish application


All Out Pedicure   $65  |  70 min

Begin your pampering with an organic sea salt soak and hydrating mud mask.  Enjoy the benefits of a thorough treatment including cuticle repair, shaping and buffing, and callus removal.  A gentle sugar scrub and paraffin wrap leave your legs silky and soft.  Experience full relaxation with a 10 minute foot and leg massage, 3 minute neck massage, finish with a polish application

Add-ons + Massage

Permanents + Extensions

Virtual Nails   $65

Additional treatments may be added to your manicure and pedicure

Paraffin Treatment   $12

Callus Treatment   $15

Buffing   $8

Polish change with light shaping (hands | feet)   $12 $15 

Gel Polish  (hands | feet)   $18 $20

French Add-on  $10

Nail Guard   $10        

Removal ( Gel | Acrylic or Other )    $8 $25 

UV Overlay | Fill In   $75 $75 

UV with Extensions  $100

Treat yourself to a relaxing massage, focusing on an area of your choice

10 minutes    $15  

20 minutes    $30



Eyebrows   $12

Lips   $8

Chin  $10    

Cheek  $10

Arms + Legs

Full Arm  | Half Arm $ 35 $25

Underarm  $15

Full Leg  | Half Leg  $45 $30 


Back  $40

Chest  $30

Bikini  $30

Semi Brazilian  | Full Brazilian  $40 $50

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